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  • My friends, I feel like I have reached a wall with my Mondeo.


    Because I honestly ran out of ideas or retrofits for my Vignale, aside from adding ACC (although I'm technically minded, I don't have the confidence to connect the radar) I have BLIS, an electrically adjustable steering column. I made a lot of small IPC changes to the amazing tables and even installed Micronair's antibacterial pollen filter. But what more can you suggest?

    Regarding audio and the Sync 3.4 upgrade, I've read that the EQ is optimized, but what would users suggest with the Sony 12 speaker system? and if I had upgraded to 3.4 but didn't touch the apim configuration afterwards, would I get DTCs then?

    So I Played With attaching a spoiler, but on a Vignale?

    Thoughts and suggestions from your kind people are greatly appreciated

  • What about adding strut bars to the front and rear? I assembled the one by hardrace to the front and it's a real difference.

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  • So I Played With attaching a spoiler, but on a Vignale?

    I think the spoiler and side skirts would look good, even on a Vignale model.

    I underestimated the side skirts, but they look very good.

    The only drawback: it reduces the distance from the ground, so lowering the springs could be a problem.