Wiring harness

  • Does anyone know if the wiring harnesses are all the same for the mk5, no matter what type/finishing( trend, titanium, business-class...) you have? And are the connectors also present, even though they are not used?
    I can imagine that there are differences between diesel & petrol harnesses ( also for the cockpit ), but in general: for every type/finishing diesel= the same wiring with connectors ?

  • Hi Red Ruby,

    Welcome in this Forum. I think this question can only answered by an Ford Insider. I think we have some here. They must take a look to this point.

    I think it is possible to create a Harness for all of MK5 type cars by Ford, but i dont know it is true.


    Man erntet was man säht.

    Pinarello 65.1

    Pinarello F10 Disk

  • The reason why I am asking this is that I want to add some things, as thre are heated steering wheel, electric operated steering column Active City Stop etc....[definition=119,0]ACC[/definition]...
    Thank you for the ine welcome!
    In particular, I would like to know if the wiring for the Lidar cam is present (rearview mirror)

  • Yes, you're right, it isn't installed yet. Tadeusz, the Polish expert told me so..
    So, I'm looking for that particular harness:
    Probably, you need additional harness: DG9T-17C712-EKJ – FINIS 1926252 (marked red on attached diagram).
    Tadeusz Ford-Ekspert Katowice
    tel. 660 675 026


  • Hi, RED RUBY,
    any progress on the subject, I am as well interested in it!
    Please, keep us posted here (pictures are welcome :D ), sure will other members support my appeal!
    Thanks in advance!

  • Meanwhile, the new windshield is installed and the wiring harness has arrived.
    This now needs to be placed and then everything programmed / activated

    Unterdessen wird die neue Windschutzscheibe installiert, und der Kabelbaum ist angekommen.
    Dies muss nun platziert werden und dann alles programmiert / aktiviert

  • Yesterday, finally mounted new wiring (for LIDAR cam) in order to make [definition=124,0]ACS[/definition] work
    Now, all it needs is to calibrate the cam & actvation and fingers crossed

  • Hi, RED RUBY,
    it is already more than 3 Months ago, since you installed wiring and LIDAR camera, but you haven't posted any progress!?
    Please, catch some time between two biers somewhere in the shade on the see coast :thumbsup: , and let us know how this project of yours has ended!
    Thanks in advance,

  • It has not ended yet, still in progress...
    I am still missing one piece, perhaps a module or something.
    I am stuck for the moment :(
    I would like to know what I just need to finalise this project.
    Some modules have to be rewrited, reprogrammed.
    That's not an easy job. One collegue here ( LordHelmchen ) is making an exell-sheet with all the data that are on his mondeo.
    It takes quite a long time, I guess, it's three weeks ago.

  • Thanks,
    in the name of all of us, interested in the subject!
    I myself have already done some upgrading and unlocking of the functions,
    related to he camera and sensors behind the windshield (new camera - sign recognition and lane assist unlocked!),
    and am also interested in [definition=124,0]ACS[/definition] implementation!
    Therefore, I am looking forward to see progress in your project!